4 ways to fully utilize your fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are all the craze now, with a range of fitness wearables for professional athletes to those who are just starting out on fitness. 

Fitness trackers are definitely great tools to help you make informed choices when making the transition to a healthier lifestyle. Not only does it track your exercise regime, but it also helps you to keep track of your food intake, water intake, sleep quality, number of steps taken in a day, and so many more.

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Fitbit Flex for around 2 months, working them into my daily routine. I must say that the Fitbit Flex was pretty useful in helping me keep track of my activity levels, especially when I keep up with an almost daily practice and I also teach at the yoga studio 5 days a week.

Gamify your fitness routine

Sometimes getting started on making healthier choices can be a daunting decision to make. Especially when you find yourself stuck in old habits that can be detrimental to your health in the long run, sometimes it takes a lot of determination in order to break out of that habit. However, using incentives can be a great way to encourage yourself to break out of the old habit! Platforms like Rewalkz Me provide weekly challenges for you to take part in, and stand a chance to win various attractive prizes specially curated by the Rewalkz Me team when you complete the weekly challenges. That not only makes getting healthier a fun process, the incentives available also motivate you to push beyond your limits. Find what motivates you and what excites you, and always find new challenges regularly to spice up your fitness routine. That way, breaking past your boundaries and challenging your limits can be fun.

Form a support system with a buddy or a group of friends 

For some people, forming a support system with a buddy or a group of friends would go a long way in creating long lasting lifestyle changes and inculcating a regular fitness routine into your practice! Platforms like Rewalkz Me bring together fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life to take part in these weekly challenges. The support system formed by Rewalkz Me allows you to encourage and be encouraged – thus creating positive energy and interdependence amongst users. If you’re looking to get a fitness tracker, perhaps ask your friends to join in as well – getting started on a brand new challenge together with friends and support will definitely help to spur your morale especially on days where the going gets a little tough.

Constantly fine-tune your routine

Fitness trackers are extremely useful in helping you make informed choices when it comes to getting healthier and fitter, as it provides a wide array of information such as your quality of sleep, activity levels, food and water intake, and many more. However, fitness trackers are only as useful as you make use of them. It is important to make use of these information you get from the fitness trackers to fine tune your lifestyle and fitness routines. When you see yourself hitting a plateau or suffering from low levels of motivation, use the information you gain from your fitness trackers to change up your exercise regime, diet, or even sleeping habits. Platforms like Rewalkz Me also encourage you to change up your routine by providing brand new challenges every week so you won’t find yourself doing the same kind of routine over a prolonged period of time. Using the information from the fitness trackers intelligently and cross referencing from reliable sources on the Internet would definitely help you make sustainable lifestyle changes in the long run.

Cultivate discipline in tracking your fitness

Fitness trackers, in my honest opinion, are only useful when you use it consistently over a long period of time. The longer you use your fitness trackers consistently, the more accurate the information will be. Therefore, before you purchase a fitness tracker, ask yourself if this is something that you would utilize fully in the long run (in months or even years). That way, this will then allow you to fully integrate fitness trackers into your daily routine, thus making informed choices as mentioned in the earlier points. If you find yourself losing interest or just caught up in a fad of using fitness wearables, then perhaps fitness trackers is not for you. There are many other resources online that help you to make healthier lifestyle choices, and using fitness trackers is just one out of the many possible ways to do so. Always find what works best for you! What works for others may not necessarily work for you.

I hope you guys have found these pointers useful when considering buying a fitness tracker or making better use of your fitness tracker in your daily lives!

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